As many of us get used to life away from the office, we have found that renters as well as buyers are looking to move into bigger homes with more space to work from home

Having carried out a market review of the most popular homes among renters in over the past year. we have identified major changes in renters requirements .

In September 2019, the most in demand property type was a studio flat, followed by a two-bedroom house.

where as recently, not only have two-bedroom houses overtaken studio flats as the most in demand property, studio flats have fallen seven places. This trend is set to continue, if you are looking to expand your portfolio have a look at our Two bedroom Sale listing currently on the market.

Across the rental market as a whole, asking rents have soared to an all-time high , driven by record demand from renters.

The number of rental homes on the market is up by 20% compared to this time last year, though because of increased competition, available stock is up by just 2% nationally

Property expert Miles Shipside explained that high levels of demand for bigger rental homes, which are usually more expensive, have pushed asking rents to a record high.

He said: “Landlords with a large portfolio of studio flats may find they need to accept lower rents than over the past few years, although let’s not forget that overall rents have gone up by £100 per month outside London and £140 in the capital over the past five years so those with a longer term view will still be able to make some good returns.

“It will be the accidental landlords that have one property that need a good agent more than ever, to promote the attractive attributes of their buy-to-lets. I’ve heard from some agents that they’re now advising their landlords to turn part of the living room into a work from home space, or offering to install high-speed broadband for tenants as an added incentive.

“The rise in demand for properties that have more space and that typically have higher rents is helping push up average rents to new record highs.”

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